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Christmas Hill dog adventure park is a Secure dog park that has been purpose-built for dog owners to be able to walk or train their dogs in a safe paddock with purpose-built agility obstacles and a shallow water splash zone to enrich your dogs time at the park.

There are two paddocks to use with a solid fence between the two fields to ensure a solitary experience for both the dogs and their owners. This also helps dogs who may be reactive or timid around other dogs.

Each paddock has an area size of nearly 3 acres.
There is a covered area for owners to escape to in poor weather conditions and a picnic table to rest weary legs and mains water to refresh your dogs after their time at the park.

We have dog secure parking and we welcome individuals and groups or dog trainers alike.

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Christmas Hill Farm
Station Road
IP27 9LN


Up to 5 dogs - £10.50 per 50 mins

Groups Bookings - £13.50 per 50 mins

Group Bookings – More than 5 dogs


“Couldn’t recommend it more highly! It’s so convenient and seriously secure”

We have two secure paddocks suitable for

Dogs with poor recall
Reactive dogs
Dogs with a high prey drive
Dog trainers or walkers
Social dog walking with friends

Our facilities include

Nearly 3 acres per paddock

With fun agility obtacles to keep your dog entertianed and plenty of space to run around.

Security for small dogs

Our fences are secure to prevent your small dog escaping through small gaps.

Fresh drinking water

There is a source of fresh drinking water in each paddock.

Rain shelter & Picnic Bench

Shelter from the rain or rest and relax while your dog explores securely.

Paddock A

Nearly 3 acres
6ft high secure fencing for every sized dog
Dog agility equipment
Fresh drinking water
Picnic bench

Paddock B

Nearly 3 Acres
6ft high secure fencing for every sized dog
Dog agility equipment
Fresh drinking water
 💦Splash zone pond 💦
Fallen trees
Picnic bench


Is the parking area dog proof?

Yes. The car park area is a secure zone where, once you have closed the entry gate, you can let your dog out of the car in the knowledge that it is safe and secure.

How big is the parking area?
Each car park is approximately 18m x 18m which is enough for 3-4 cars.
Can I have the same slot each week?
Repeat booking is available through the booking section so if the future dates/times are available, you can block book them.
How do I gain access to the fields?
The dog park is extremely secure. Once you have completed your booking online, you will receive email confirmation along with a new code to access the fields.
What sort of fencing does the field have?
The secure fencing is the highest standard livestock fencing which has small gauge holes at the bottom and larger ones closer to the top. The wire is heavy duty so that no dog can chew or push through the fence. The fencing is 6ft tall so that even the most agile of dogs cannot escape.
At the base of the fence, there is dug in, heavy gauge rabbit wire which stops small dogs from escaping and dogs who like to dig their way out.
What is the price and how do I book?

Up to 5 Dogs -£10.50 per 50 minutes
Group Booking – £13.50 for 50 minutes

Group Bookings – Dog trainers / walkers with more than 5 dogs.

Booking is strictly through this website. Please use the booking form above. You will be sent the code to access the field on receipt of payment.

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Paddock A

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Christmas Hill Farm

Station Road,
IP27 9AB

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Phone: +44 (0)7921950987

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