Longhorn Beef

Longhorn Breed


Longhorn Breed


Our Longhorn meat is renowned for its texture, flavour and succulence across the whole range of cuts and joints – due to the ‘marbling’ in the lean meat without excess external fat. This is particularly enhanced by the slow growing process with no forcing to finish at an early age, as in some continental breeds.

Due to our cattle enjoying a stress free and relaxed environment, they are allowed to mature slowly therefore producing an even better quality, more marbled meat.

The reputation of the Longhorn meat is outstanding throughout history and although it is a rare breed, the meat still does justice to the British reputation for quality.

Our meat is hung between four to five weeks and can be butchered to order depending upon the customer’s request.

Even Heston Blumenthal chose Longhorn beef on his TV programme ‘Perfection’, and he quoted it as the ‘best beef available in Britain’.

Along with supplying farm shops and butcheries with our meat, it is available to buy direct from Christmas Hill Farm, just email us or call us on 01842 862068 before coming over to check the stock availability. Simply call ahead for prices or pop in and view the array of different cuts available.

Beef Orders

Please enquire about beef purchases at info@christmashill.co.uk. Various cuts & joints available, large or small.

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Rustic filet mignon beef steak on a cast iron skillet with white asparagus