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Christmas Hill Farm was purchased in 2015 by Greenheath Farming Company Ltd, the directors of which are Thomas & Sophie Clayton whose dream has always been to have their own farm. The opportunity arose after moving their business, Greenheath Limited, to a neighbouring yard in 2010 and the dream became more of a reality with such beautiful countryside surrounding them. The farm is made up of mainly arable crops with woodland in between and waterways running their courses throughout the farm.

Diversification has taken place in the form of storage facilities, holiday let properties, solar farming, a dog adventure park and many more projects.

Christmas Hill farm also neighbours the RSPB nature reserve to the north where the land was converted from arable farmland into a large wetland which encourages numerous different species of wildlife.

Christmas Hill Farm is home to an animal feed merchant, Rands & Wilson Feeds Ltd, native breed cattle, horses and wildlife galore!

About our cattle

The Longhorn is beyond equal as a suckler cow. Its combination of qualities in terms of milk, calving ease, longevity, docility, length and leanness of body is unrivalled by any other breed.

It has stood the test of time but does not rest on its laurels. Responding to market trends the breed continues to adapt and improve, so much so that the Longhorn is now superbly placed to meet the challenges of Quality Beef Production in the 21st Century.

Whilst their horns may, to some, give an opposite impression Longhorns are noted for their exceptional docility, an extremely important consideration when establishing a herd. This quality, combined with their attractive appearance will engender greater stockmanship in cattleman and farmer alike.

Depth over the pins allows greater length from hooks to pins without incurring calving difficulties. Indeed the great overall length generally associated with the Longhorn is correlated with a rapid growth rate and lean carcase.

It is a well-established fact that intramuscular fat or “marbling” within meat is largely responsible for succulence, tenderness and flavour – the hallmark of beef with superior eating quality.

Unlike many rival breeds, which require the laying down of excessive amounts of external fat before the formation of intramuscular fat can take place, a properly finished Longhorn carcase will benefit from “marbling” without such excess external fat cover.

Today’s Longhorns are clean, modern cattle, well capable of producing lean beef with superior eating qualities to suit today’s discerning market.

Such beef can command a premium price, which when coupled with the economic costs associated with its production; place the Longhorn in pole position for Quality Beef Production in the 21st Century!

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